Property Specific Information from the Napa County Database


Looking for more detailed information about a property? Napa County has a website link that connects you to the information specific about your property, this is particularly important for country property. Simply log onto this link by clicking on the link address below to access the Napa County Geographic Information Systems database.


Then enter the property address or assessor's parcel number. Select "Custom" and then choose the information you wish to access. Before you know it, you'll be well into your due diligence process.


Here are some of the questions that can be answered by this helpful resource:

  • How is the property zoned?
  • What does the parcel look like topographically? (Click on the word "Contours" in the left hand column. You'll be taken to a coutour map of the parcel)
  • What does the parcel look like from an aerial photograph?
  • Who are the neighboring parcels as identified by the Assessor's Parcel Number and what do those parcels look like? (Highlight "Identify" and click on the neighboring parcel of interest)
  • Are there recorded maps and surveys available for the property?
  • Is the parcel in the FEMA flood zone?
  • Is the parcel in a ground water deficient area?
  • In what watershed area is the parcel located?
  • What soil types can be found on the property?
  • Are there any faults, hazardous materials, spotted owls, special plants or landslides found on or associated with the property?