Looking for property with the idea of remodeling or adding new structures?


It's absolutely necessary to speak with the Napa County planning department 707-253-4417  to see what's possible. However, you get a head start on the process and do some preliminary screening by checking the Napa County Code Online. You'll first need to determine the zoning for the property of interest. You'll find that information through the County's Geographic Informtion Services. See my tab "Property Specific". After identifying the zoning type, check out the link below




Go to "Title 18--Zoning" near the bottom of the list on right hand side. Once you're in the zoning ordinance, click on the zoning type that applies to your property. You'll find the County guidelines that will help you determine in general terms what might be possible for your specific parcel. Also, try going back to the original link and check out "Title 13 Water Sewers and Public Services" for information about septic systems and wells. Remember, always meet with a County Planner to verify that your plan will be acceptable to the County.


Information on the Napa County Website http://www.countyofnapa.org/